Frequently Asked Questions

What is a public adjuster?

A Public Insurance Adjuster is an expert on loss adjustment and the recovery process, and is employed by the policyholder not the insurance company. The Public Adjuster assists you, the insured, with their knowledge of insurance policies and negotiation techniques, in preparing, filing and managing the payment of insurance claims regarding property loss. A public adjuster works on your behalf.

Do I need a public adjuster?

At Floridian our licensed adjuster will inform you up front if using a public adjuster can make a difference in the settlement of your claim. In some circumstances, especially with smaller homeowner losses, we actually recommend that you do take care of the claim yourself. Our pledge to you is that if we do not believe our involvement in your claim will make a difference, we will tell you up front.

How much is it going to cost?

To start, there is no cost for the consultation at your property and then we work on a contingency fee basis, which means NO RECOVERY, NO FEE – we only get paid when we are able to perform. There is no risk to you or your finances. Our service fee represents a small percentage of the claim settlement. The fee is minimal in relation to your claim settlement and offset by the better settlement our adjusters achieve. Floridian Public Adjusters will save you time, hassles, and anxiety that comes with dealing with the insurance company.

Do I have to pay any money upfront?

The answer is No. We are not paid until money is collected from the Insurance Company. If no money is collected you owe us nothing. No settlement, No Fee.

Will I be denied or cancelled if I use a public adjuster?

Absolutely Not. A Public Adjuster is a licensed and insured profession. It is mandated by the State Legislature and regulated by the Department of Insurance. It would be a violation of your rights if any Insurance Company denies or cancels you based on hiring a Public Adjuster. Hiring a Public Adjuster is a right given to you by the State Leg